Running the Bases

My goal for this blog is to post about once a week, ideas keep popping up in my head, like “hey i could blog about that,” then I think no wait, no one wants to read about your bike ride to boot camp in Irvine. So I figured a post once a week is enough to keep updated, not delve to far into the mundane, and ensure everyone can still enjoy my witty cynicism and humble ramblings.

Any who, to recap my weekend, I was so proud of myself for getting up early(ish) both days to get my run in! HB is still quite sticky and hot so even 8am was 75, bright and sunny. Yes I’m from AZ, yes I’m used to the heat. Do I like it? No. Is it worse when you live next to the beach, there is no ocean breeze, and you have no AC? yes. Luckily this is supposedly only a 3 week of the year kind of thing, and I’m told I’ll live through it. BUT it doesn’t make running very pleasurable, even at the beach. This could turn into a post about how I hate running in the summer but I’ll spare you, and instead just comment on how I can’t wait for my favorite season to start, Autumn, and how I’m excited to pick out a winter marathon to train for. (Side note: it’s not running in the heat that bothers me it’s the beating sun! Give me shade and I’m a happy girl, HB unfortunately is pretty shadeless.)

While running is slightly miserable right now unless you wake up at the crack of dawn my dad bought me a fabulous new hybrid rode bike so I can gallivant around Huntington Beach. Biking, while not running, is great and I don’t have worry about my car dying down the middle of PCH. Also, I save money on gas, help the environment, and burn a lot of extra calories in one fell swoop. Win/win/win I say! (and I did, in fact, ride my bike to bootcamp which was awesome). I plan to post my feelings on biking and how it could never ever replace running but that’s for another day.

We had a BBQ at the house Saturday and I got to see two of my BFF’s from grad school Sarah and Ryan, and a bunch of the BF’s friends. It’s always nice to have people over because I get to talk to someone other than BF or Phineas. I love them both dearly, but Phineas isn’t the conversationalist you’d think. Dinner was delish and we’ve been eating leftovers since Saturday. Sunday started off with a run to the bagel place down the street, continued with a hot sticky bike ride to Newport Harbor, followed with a lovely boat ride, and ended with a milkshake and fries at Ruby’s on the Pier. Oh, and how could I forget the horrendous sunburn I attained during the day. I still slightly resemble a lobster and have considered buying stock in an aloe vera company. #ouchouchouch

Monday was really the center of this post and the reason for the title, I am a proud member of the Blacksocks softball team in Long Beach. For those who know me softball/baseball is not my thing, I go to ball games for hot dogs and beer. Now that I’m dating an AVID baseball fan and in an attempt to be well rounded I am trying to learn the game. As for softball, I played one season when I was a kid, hated it and went back to any other sport that was offered, preferably swimming or soccer. I am the athletic girl people call when they are short girls for whatever team sport they are playing. It happens to be softball a lot, so I shouldn’t of been surprised when I got roped in to my former boss’s team for a couple game and eventually asked to join the team.

I guess I should clarify why I dislike baseball/softball. It’s because I suck. I wasn’t good at it right away like I generally am in sports so I never gave it a chance. My BFF told me once after a game of sloshball, “finally something you’re not good at!” But now I’m on a team, I can’t suck, other people are counting on me. So now I’m trying to do my best with hitting, catching, and throwing. Yet, in all honesty the only part I still really like about the game is running the bases.

Which brings me to last night’s game. According to BF and my former boss, Jason, I’m getting better. I can kind of catch and throw, and now I can even make contact with the ball. I guess being athletic kind of pays off when you put in some effort. But last night I got on base 4 times, and got 2 runs all because I can run fast. 3 of the 4 times I got on base was because the (grumpy) pink lady pitcher thought she could slowly toss the ball to first and get me out. Turns out I can run faster than she can throw! It was a perfect night for me to be better than usual because, after being down by 5 we came back to win by 8! I like to think my 2 runs helped with that 🙂

2 of my outs were pretty funny too, I generally just barrel through to the next base and listen to see if I should stop or keeping going. The first out I tried my hardest to dodge the girl with the ball running 4-5 feet outside of the baseline. I was so close but she still tagged me out. Out #2 came after a pop fly was caught and I had to sprint back to first, without cleats it’s hard to turn and stop. I got back to first, slipped, slid and then literally crawled and clawed back to the base. I was safe except for the fact that Jason, playing first base coach, touched me to try to stop me from hurting myself and according to the rules that’s a no-no. All that work and I had to go sit back down! But then we won and grumpy pink softball lady was not happy. But I was!

Apparently teams don’t like the girl who can’t hit, but they can’t get out at first. So far my happiest softball achievement, the fact that I can run the crap out of the bases (when someone tells me what to do at least). Maybe I’ll get better, maybe I won’t but it’s not my game so I don’t care, as long as I help my team when I can and I get a celebratory beer when we win, I’ll keep playing.

My new favorite quote (found on Pinterest of course) says “Everyday is a good day when you run” Monday was no exception!


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