Sparkles and Ragnar

This is about a week over due post, but school started last week and I came close to my first 30 mile week in a really long time, and I totally just lost track! I also sit here at school waiting for class to start in an hour, practically falling asleep, but it’s a good thing because I’m busy, something else I haven’t done in a long time! I love being busy, with almost too much to do during the day and actually being able to fall asleep at night because I’m mentally stimulated. Plus I’ve been running a lot, this is mostly because the weather is becoming lovely, and I have a goal to train for. I registered for the Long Beach Half at the beginning of October and I’m hoping to break the 2:00 mark, because it’s a flat fast course and I’m actually training for it! I haven’t picked a marathon to train for yet, but I’m looking for something Dec/Jan, open to suggestions!

Anyway, last week I had a great 9 miler on the beach path from Sunset Beach back to HB. I forget how nice it is to run without stoplights, the whole path is stop light free, so I could just cruise along and let the miles tick by. Thursday was my second long-ish run for the week at the Back Bay loop. It’s 10 miles around and a completely beautiful run at sunset. I started around 6 and finished just as the sun dipped down below the ocean. I really like this run, first because it’s a nice round number of miles, but also it’s challenging without being defeating. There are some pretty decent hills and I feel it by the end, but it’s that hurt so good kind of feeling. I took the next day off, ran a quick 4 on Saturday before the UCLA game/tailgate and was supposed to run 12 on Sunday but my legs were so tired from standing in the sun and cheering at the game so I churned out a respectable 6. I find it soooo much easier to get my morning runs in when I have something to train for, but they are never up to par with my night runs. All in all I ended the week with about 28 miles, SO close to 30! It’s that time of year when I get back to regular 30-40 mile weeks and I’m very content with that fact. The best part of the week though was that my new RunTeamSparkle Skirt and arm sleeves came! Check this company and these girls out, they rock!

sparkle skirt!

This week I will have NO problem getting to 30 miles! I’ll get all those miles in on Friday and Saturday this week, tt’s Ragnar time! I’m running the ultra race this time around, and I can’t wait to see the Napa Valley course. Everyone says Napa is gorgeous and I can’t wait to run/drive 200 miles from SF to Calistoga! Not to mention there will be free wine tasting at the finish line for runners! If you don’t know what a Ragnar Relay is, definitely check it out. 200 miles, 12 people, and 30 hours in a van, and tons of totally awesome people who love to run and have a good time. I’m running and ultra which instead of 12 people is only 6, I like to say it makes you even more badass 🙂 I also maybe partial to the race because I’m lucky enough to be an ambassador for it, which means I get to promote and educate other people about the race! Honestly it’s such a perfect role for me since I love running and marketing! If you wanna know anything about the race email me, I could talk for hours about it!

Anyway, I’m so excited for this race, my really good childhood friend is flying out last minute to join our team, and this is the first race of what I generally think of as “running season.” I also get to write my first race report! It’ll be a long one considering it is a 30 hour race! I also haven’t been back to San Fran since I was 18 and ran the SF half over the Golden Gate Bridge, I’m a projecting it to be a total blast! I am a little worried about the difficulty level considering I’m not sure about the weather or the hills, but I’m not trying to run fast, just trying to enjoy the scenery and have a great time. The other awesome part about Ragnar is the people you meet, aside from Steve my friend from AZ, I’ve never met my team. Yet, I can’t count the number of people I’ve met through Ragnar who are totally amazing! I just know it’s going to be a great weekend, I leave early Thursday morning, get to hang around SF all day, then off to bed early for our 5:30 am start on Friday! Lookout Monday for my race report I can’t wait to share my experience, not to mention pictures!
Oh and I dyed my hair! I think it looks good! my first attempt doing it myself too 🙂

New hair!



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