FundRacing & Weekly Recap

Happy Monday everyone! I’m just glad it’s out of the way and that I only have to get through one more Monday before I go home to Arizona for Thanksgiving! First off, I can’t believe it, I somehow managed a bit of a run streak last week and ran every single day! Yup, 7 days in a row for me, my foot injury was definitely not happy with me by the end of Sunday’s morning run, but a day or two off and it should be fine. I got in 30 miles for last week, including two speed work sessions!

I churned out a 5 miler at 8:52 pace on Monday night, and then was dreading my 8 miler with 4 Yasso 800’s in the middle. Much to my surprise this 8 mile workout was awesome! I warmed up with two slow miles then dialed it in to a around a 7:45 pace for a half mile, then a recovery half mile, repeat 4 times, and cool down with two miles. I couldn’t believe how FAST the workout went, I didn’t feel like I had run 8 miles at all, I felt super strong. It was definitely the best workout I’d had in a while.

photo 15 miles of just me, the LB bike path, and the Queen Mary

photo 2Sunrise run with Danica at the LB Marina

Over all it was good week of training, but I’m definitely ready for my rest day today. I also get to start the Nhershoes Holiday Shred 13 today, after doing her summer shreds I’m excited to get more toned and trim for the holidays, Bobbi designs the best workouts and I can’t wait to try her yummy clean eating recipes.

Last week also marked a new venture for me. When I ran the Long Beach Marathon I was introduced to the non-profit organization Back on My Feet, about a month ago the launched their new chapter in Los Angeles. The organization helps those experiencing homelessness by using running to members empower themselves and take charge of their life. It helps and guides them in making positive changes that lead to employment and independent living. Seeing homelessness everyday in Long Beach and Downtown LA, this organization brought a fresh perspective to the problem for me. If I’m honest it was always something that made me feel uncomfortable and I didn’t know how or why I should help. But when i heard about BOMF it only took me a few seconds  to decide that this would be a perfect organization to volunteer with. Starting last week, I did my first 2 mile run with my team, the US Vets of Long Beach. I was nervous about my first run not knowing what to expect, but was welcomed with hugs and encouraging words. After stretching and a serenity prayer I took off with another volunteer and one veteran on our two mile run. It wasn’t much, but you could see that for these few guys this was a new and invigorating way to start the day. I’ll be running with them every Wednesday and I look forward to learning more about them and be a small part of their journey!

In addition to this new venture with BOMF, I’ll also be trying out something for the first time when I run the LA Marathon this coming March. The race itself holds some demons for me including a DNF, but that’s for another day. In 2014 I plan to conquer this race with newfound vigor because for the first time I will be running for a cause. This year I will be running the race to raise money for Back on My Feet! The initial fundraising goal is $500, but I’d REALLY like to double that and raise $1,000 for the organization. Running has given me so much; this seems like a perfect way to give something back! I’m asking for donations and greatly appreciate any help that you can offer! Here is the link to my fundraising page, and please feel free to contact me with questions or comments, especially if you want to run or get involved further!


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