Thanksgiving Week in AZ

Happy Monday everyone! The holiday season is in full swing and I’m doing my best to enjoy it to the fullest! I’ve been MIA for the last two weeks, sorry about that! I was traveling as well as going through few big changes, both for me and the BF, all positive luckily, but it still gets a bit stressful! More about these as they develop over the next few weeks, (no, not pregnant or engaged!) We’ll see where the road takes us!

As for running, two weeks ago was not pretty. I felt yucky all week and just couldn’t motivate myself to run after work each night, and getting up early seemed to be out of the question for my body or brain.  Over all I think I only put in just over 20 miles for the week, definitely not on target with my mini training plan for the Tucson Marathon but it was just a tough week. Danica and I did a 12 mile run that Saturday, it was supposed to be a 17 miles run but our feet would not cooperate. I’ve been running on the concrete path by my house a lot more frequently and I think it’s really aggravating the bone bruise in my right foot and her blisters were acting up. So we cut the run short, but were happy with our 12 miles.

IMG_8014Phineas hates when I travel.

IMG_8017Monday had been a long day and deserved a pre-flight beer

Thanksgiving week was so wonderful! I flew out to Arizona to spend the holiday with my parents. I got a lot of running in to offset the week of feasting. I got to run with my dad, he doesn’t move as fast as he used to or as fast as he’d like, but who else can say their 65-year-old dad can pick up and run 5 miles after 6 months off!

  IMG_8031Trail run with Daddy and Lucy!

Wednesday I got to meet up with a friend from Instagram and go for an 8 mile run through my old hood on the Scottsdale green belt! We got it in early and had so much fun pushing ourselves in the cold morning air; I love meeting online friends in real life!

photo 1(1)My old hood at sunrise, Indian School and Scottsdale Road

photo 2Friends on Instagram and now friends in real life!

I then traversed what felt like the entire state of Arizona. Getting my hair done in Scottsdale, back to Queen Creek, then up to Fountain Hills to visit my Grandma then over to Desert Mountain to see my Aunt, Uncle, Cousins and cousin’s babies and then all the way back to Queen Creek. I’m guessing it was close to 200 miles of driving for the day, but so so worth it to see family I hardly ever get to see.

Thanksgiving day I ran 1.5 miles with my dad before he turned back and I kept going to get 7 miles in. I took a little detour on a trail and up a hill in San Tan Park, the regional park behind my parent’s house. (Not your average park, its 10,000 acres with tons of hiking trails!) Then help out my mama with dinner prep.

photo 3When you hike alone you have to break your no selfie rule

photo 1(1) copyPanorama of the park, (my favorite feature on my new Iphone 5s!)

photo 3 copyThankful for my feet to take me far distances and new heights

My parent’s friends came over and we had the biggest table we’ve had in years, my mom likes to say all the strays are welcome at our house! I got to meet a lot of new faces and eat lots of yummy food! Friday I head back to California to spend a cozy weekend with the boyfriend watching sports, cleaning and decorating for the holidays!  (yes, yes I’m bummed UofA lost to the ScumDevils, but a second place ranking for Arizona in NCAA Basketball definitely makes up for it! Bear Down!)

photo 4 copyLucy loves leftovers.

This week Danica and I are in taper mode, running shorter easier distances to rest up for the Tucson Marathon this Sunday! Back to AZ again this week, I feel so lucky to go home two weeks in a row! Look out for recipes this week to celebrate the best season for baking!



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