Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from our little slice of 75 degree paradise to yours! I unfortunately spent the morning in the ER for severe sore throat and bacterial infection,  lovely, I know. After my ER visit, getting pumped full of steroids, antibiotics, and pain meds, I’m feeling like a normal person after 4 days of  a gross inflamed tonsil and agonizing pain. (I know to be a real blogger I should have snapped a pic at the ER, but seriously, just no, no one needs to see that, I’ll leave it up to your imagination)

While I unfortunately had to miss Christmas this year, I made the BF go to his family dinner, one of us had to have Christmas! Resting on the couch, and I think most importantly, not talking all day, plus a script for antibiotics and a pain pills, I can can actually eat, drink, and swallow without crying! Merry Christmas to me!

photo 1we did get a hike in on Saturday! (in hindsight definitely not the best idea)photo 2Phineas LOVES ribbon and wrapping paper balls
(yes that is Santa riding a reindeer behind Phinny, read into it what you will :0 )

photo 4this kitchen aid scraper attachment is a total game changer, SO excited about this present!

I still don’t really know what was wrong, besides an extreme sore throat and some sort of bacterial infection, possibly strep they said, but I’m so glad I did go to the ER. I’ve had sore throats before, but I just knew something was wrong, and that’s what the ER is there for right?

Even though I missed Christmas this year, I did get two wonderful surprises earlier in the week that are so great, even a trip to the ER couldn’t ruin Christmas. Plus BF loved all the presents I got him from TravisMathew, and giving presents is my favorite! The weirdest part about this Christmas though was definitely not being able to get my annual Christmas run in, hopefully I’ll be well soon and can get a belated holiday run in!

photo 5Merry Christmas from the sicky and Phineas, to you and yours!

I hope you had a wonderful holiday! (oh I did manage to make this wonderful Caramel Apple Pie yesterday from the Pioneer Woman’s blog, I’ll do my own post about it later when I make it again, but definitely try it!. BF told me it was a hit!)

mini pie!obviously I had to make a mini pie out of extra ingredients
(homemade brown sugar caramel is key)

Merry Christmas to everyone!


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