Oh hey, January!

Oh hey! So January is almost over and here’s my first blog post of the year! To be frank January has been sort of an odd month for me, very relaxing and chill, therefore odd. I’ve been off work since before Thanksgiving, I had an interview for a new position after the Tucson Marathon and two day before Christmas I was offered that position and accepted the job! My holidays were extra merry and bright! Then I got super duper sick with acute tonsillitis and a viral infection and could barely speak or eat and got some heavy-duty antibiotics and painkillers to kick it. Nothing too exciting has been happening and honestly it was so nice to simply relax and not worry about anything! Starting the New Year stress free with an awesome new job lined up, was wonderful, I highly recommend it!

The only downside to the start of the New Year was coming back to running. I had been in such good shape, even coming off a disastrous performance at the Tucson Marathon, and now January 28, it feels like I’m only 75% back to where I was. I didn’t get to run for close to 2.5 weeks and it certainly took its toll. Not only me being sedentary on the couch sick, but also the actual illness just took a lot of out me, and definitely felt like it robbed me of all my cardio fitness!

January has been a struggle running, some days are good and some are bad, some fast, and some slow. I’ve just been trying to take each run one at a time, and be a little bit better than the last. I’ve also been lifting 4-5 times per week and seeing some great results so I’m definitely going to be keeping that up! I’ve got the Surf City Half Marathon coming up this Sunday and I’ve been getting some long runs in to prep for it and build some cardio back up. It’ll be a good benchmark to base my February training on for the LA Marathon in March! I’ve gotten some speed work and some hills so I’m hoping for a good birthday race! (Plus! I got a cortisone shot last week and have had little to zero pain in my bone-bruised foot since!)

So that’s been roughly my New Year thus far! Little to no blogging or anything really, because, I just didn’t have to, it was lovely to sleep in, run, and dawdle around with no intentions, because how often does one get that chance? After working in a very stressful position with an extremely long commute, leisurely days staying home alone for two-ish months were bliss. But as of yesterday that is done! I started my new position at the Port of Long Beach and I’m SO excited to be part of this organization. It was a LONG process and I feel so blessed to have landed this position! My first two days have been great, soaking up all the information I can and getting into the swing of things. Plus the 5-minute commute is unbelievable! (We move buildings in 3 weeks, BUT it’s still only 15-20 minutes.)

So there you have it, that’s been my January, both eventful and relaxing! Next up is LA Marathon training and planning a schedule for the rest of the year, though I’ll probably wing that like I normally do ;).



**I’m still raising money for Back on My Feet to run the LA Marathon, you can donate here!**

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