Hey there! Thanks for stopping by my little piece of the internet!

I’m MaryKate, a 20-something Arizona transplant living by the beach in Southern California. I love to run and I love to bake. I’m not fast, I’m pretty average actually, but that doesn’t seem to matter when I lace up my shoes and dash out the door. I’d say my skill as a amateur baker is far beyond my skill as a runner, but both make supremely happy, and you should always do what makes you happy!

hey that's me! #selfiesforlife

hey that’s me! #selfiesforlife

I started running with my dad in high school to get in shape to try out for my HS Lacrosse team. Being a water baby my whole life swimming was my strong suit, yet when I started running I finally knew what it felt like to love a sport. I’ve been running now for over 10 years and couldn’t imagine my life without it. It grounds me, it centers me, and most importantly is keeps me from weighing 400lbs!

I grew up outside of Phoenix and spent my whole life in the same house, running the same 6 mile loop near my house for 5 years. I went to an all girls Catholic HS in Phoenix and attended the University of Arizona for undergrad, finishing in 2.5 years with a degree in communications and art history. I was only there a short time, but I’m a Wildcat for life and die hard fan! At 22 I made my dream of living in California come true by moving to Southern California for grad school. I graduated December 2012 with a Master in Arts Management and my MBA, and now live happily in Long Beach with my boyfriend and two kitties.

The first race I ever ran was the YMCA Half-Marathon and I ran my first full marathon at 18 during my freshman year of college, The Tucson Marathon, I even won 1st in my age group! I’ve now run more half-marathons than I can keep track of and I’m upping the anty this year with a handful of full marathons hoping to get to ten by December 2014. My dad taught me to run and it’s one of the best gifts he ever gave me! My mom, not an athlete like the two of us, gifted me with her ability to cook and bake. Both my mom and grandma are amazing cooks and I was lucky enough to be blessed with the same ability. I love to cook and bake, making a mess of ingredients into something beautiful and delicious. But most of all I like to cook and bake because of the smile it puts on other’s faces. My mom says it’s just because we like to show off, which is also true, but making someone happy with a perfectly frosted cupcake makes my heart smile. These two gifts from my parents are where I drew inspiration to begin this little virtual journey. I hope you join me as I type away about my running, baking, and life in general. I think this will be fun and I can’t wait explore where my piece of the internet will take me!



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